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Learning leadership and team building through sailing can be a great way to develop valuable skills. Sailing requires both individual competence and the ability to work together as a unified team.  Incorporating activities such as group problem-solving, communication exercises, and discussion of teamwork dynamics can help you and your team better understand the importance of adapting one’s own behavior in order to help the team reach its goals. With practice, both on and off the water, you can learn invaluable lessons that will make efficent teams and develope  great leaders.

Full Sail Leadership Academy is the perfect place for teams to hone their leadership and team building skills. Through classrom discussion and  sailing, teams have the opportunity to learn how to work together effectively while also having a lot of fun.


From challenging each other mentally through problem-solving exercises to navigating waters that require a unified effort, teams can gain invaluable experience in leading and working with each other.


At Full Sail Leadership Academy, your team will leave feeling empowered and equipped with the confidence needed to excel in any situation life throws its way.

Go to the website or call to book a spot while they are still available. 





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