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  • Brian Kendzor

Chewing your food is a critically important part of any meal, yet it’s often overlooked

Are you someone who rushes through meals or maybe even skips them altogether?
If so, you're likely not taking the time to properly chew your food, which can have negative effects on digestion. Chewing is often overlooked as a crucial part of the digestive process, but it's responsible for breaking down food into smaller particles that can be more easily processed by the body. Furthermore, chewing helps activate enzymes in the mouth that kickstart digestion and help the stomach and intestines break down food more efficiently. Improper chewing overworks the stomach and can lead to bloating, gas, weight gain, and many other undesirable GI issues. My doctor recently told me that chewing is one of the most overlooked issues when it comes to maintaining a healthy body weight.

From improving saliva production to reducing stress levels, there are many benefits linked to making the practice of chewing a part of your everyday routine. So don't forget that chewing is not just about enjoying food and socializing. It can be a powerful tool for creating better digestive health, feeling good, being healthy and maintaining an optimal healthy weight. Make time in your day to enjoy the amazing benefits of chewing; you may well find it helps more than you know. Enjoy your meals by savouring each bite, and think twice before snacking on something without properly chewing it up first.

So next time you sit down for a meal, take your time and make sure to thoroughly chew each bite. Your digestion (and overall health) will thank you for it.
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