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  • Brian Kendzor

See Jack, be Jack

Monday morning in April and the sky was a blanket of grey clouds and white grass.
Snowflakes drifted lazily from the clouds, settling on the ground like a soft quilt. It wasn't what most people expected for this time of year, but then again life rarely goes according to plan.

Jack woke up feeling a little down, his usual enthusiasm for life diminished by the usual switch from summer back to winter. The unseasonal warming trend made him feel like summer was or should be here. He liked Mondays, usually starting off each one with a smile and some optimism - but not today; it just didn't seem possible while looking out that snow.

But despite his initial disappointment at the weather, Jack decided he would turn things around and make something good out of today anyway. Taking his coat off its hook he stepped outside into the cold air and began walking through town. Everywhere he went there were signs of spring beginning - trees slowly emerging from their winter sleep with buds full of promise; birds chirping cheerfully as they built their nests in preparation for new life; even little patches of grass peeking up here and there amongst all that snow!
Inspired by nature's determination to keep going no matter what obstacles it faced, Jack started thinking about how he could do likewise in his own life too – maybe take up a new hobby or learn something new, like sailing! Making the day it's best even if it was still Monday in April…and it was snowing!

I've been involved in a writing workshop for several months. One of our challenges is to create inspirational short stories about current events. When I saw the snow this morning, this is what I wrote. Feedback is always appreciated. Have a wonderful day! Brian

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